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Book a Day Shoot

Maybe you're in the area to get engaged, adventuring with your best friend, or piling into the mini van for a family trip. Whatever your occasion, we can document a day shoot with you and your special someone(s). *Mini-Day Shoots are also available if our schedule permits.

Laura & Sylvain & A Day Shoot Before the Rehearsal Dinner

We'd actually call this one a "MINI Day Shoot".  Laura & Sylvain had over 100 guests from all over the world arriving in Marfa, so they wanted to spend most of their time with friends & family who had made the epic journey to celebrate with them.  But documenting this scenery was important to them too.  After looking over their timeline, we found an hour of time before the Rehearsal Dinner where they could get away for some alone time pictures.  Just them, us, and the wide open sky.

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Julie & Matt & The Day After Shoot

Julie & Matt didn't have a lot of time on their wedding day to document all the places they loved.  So the day after the big I Do's, they scheduled a Day Shoot, and we all trekked out to Big Bend to take pictures in this remarkably beautiful landscape with a mix of digital & film.  See their adventure day images below ...

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The Best "Roadside Attractions" for Pictures

From Prada Marfa to the Tiny Target, this is a place filled with art and random "road side attractions" just waiting to be found.  Instagram your heart out around Marfa & the surrounding towns! (if you have cell service that is) 

If you're eloping and flying solo with your squeeze, then make time with your photographer to capture some of these must-have images.  You will be so glad you did.

If you're with a group of people for your big day, then make it a group adventure and go take pictures with your friends & family at some of these selfie (or groupie) spots. It not only makes for a scavenger hunt like day, but it's a wonderful way to make memories with the ones you love and for them to bring back a souvenir image. 

It's the best kind of keepsake.



Instagram Worthy places

Prada Marfa


(duh to this one right? It's iconic. 

You just have to.)  

Get dressed up on this one.  Have some fun.

About 30 minutes from Marfa on 90W, right outside of the tiny town of Valentine

The Tiny Target


About 15 miles before you get to Marathon.  

It's the most darling lil Target you've ever seen.  Near the railroad tracks so watch out for trains if you're with kiddos.

Stardust Motel Sign


OK, I'm a big (somewhat obsessed) fan of vintage motel signs.  I have an extensive collection of these images that I've taken over the years, so this one is a definite HECK YEH in my book.

La Loma Del Chevo


 (The Goat Shed)  This is a  hidden gem of hand made dwellings the group terms as an "experimental community".  Located in Marathon, a no frills, totally weird place to stay with an upper deck for viewing the Milky Way.

Anywhere in Big Bend


And we mean ANYWHERE.  This place is unreal.  Like you've landed smack dab on another planet.  If you only have time to spend the day, then it's still worth the drive.  Stay in Marathon and then go have a day trip inside the park.  Selfie stick opportunities at every turn.

El Cosmico


It's just the coolest place y'all.  So chill.  Such good vibes.  A must see place (or STAY if you can).  Great live music too.

Also, you'll want to buy everything they have in the gift shop.... 

you've been warned.